The starting point of Play Curaçao comes from a fundamental interest of both Jacobs and Koolen in constructions of ritual and games of different subcultures. Games, social rituals and ways to deal with spare time can tell a lot about developments in culture and how it deals with its surroundings. It can mirror the tolerance level, project historical occurrences and deal with social issues in of a society. At the same time these games and rituals show very specific creativity that is related to the local circumstances and therefore show unique ways of expression. By combining the cinematographic side of Play Curaçao with screenings and exhibitions, therefore addressing the issues from different angles, we create new possibilities for discussion.

Frank Koolen and Kasper Jacobs met in 2007 and assisted each other frequently in a range of individual projects therefore creating a mutual frame of preference and understanding. Their shared interest in subcultures and the structures they create in framing their own reality forms the fundament of this project.

Kasper Jacobs (1981, Bergen, NL) studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. Frank Koolen (1978, Maastricht, NL) studied at Fine Arts at the HKU in Utrecht and De Ateliers en De Rijksakademie, both in Amsterdam.


Affiche_Play Curacao_FINAL_02


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